We’re thrilled to announce that Union Kitchen & Tap Gaslamp is celebrating 5 fabulous years in the Gaslamp Quarter! In celebration we’re putting on our Caskroom Series 2 | Mad Hatter’s Speakeasy for Union’s 5th Anniversary Party. Venture down the rabbit hole with us and enjoy themed cocktails, Alice in Wonderland decor & more at the Speakeasy. The event is RSVP only, so email katie@gaslampunion.com to reserve your spot at the whimsical event TODAY! To gain access please use our secret entrance on 333 6th Ave. (opposite side of building).

We would also love to thank the amazing staff and supporters we’ve had throughout the years. Without all of you, this amazing half of a decade would not have been possible. So cheers to you, and many more years of Union to come!

For future Caskroom events, keep an eye on our social media accounts (@uniongaslamp).